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Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Quantitative Track      Expected December 2019

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis                           GPA: 3.98/4.0

  • Minors in Political Science, Mathematics, and Honors Leadership

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Tax Foundation University                  Summer 2018

Tax Foundation, Washington, D.C.

  • Learned about the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

  • Studied the differences between the major types of tax systems and the positive consequences of policies such as full expensing on economic growth

  • Examined the process of dynamic analysis of tax policy


  • Native Spanish Speaker

  • Full English Proficiency


Intern                                                                                               January 2019 – Current

Senator Todd Young, Indianapolis, IN

  • Assist constituents to solve their issues with Federal Agencies

  • Communicate Hoosiers’ opinions on current issues and bills to the appropriate

    staff members

  • Develop databases and work on different research projects to improve the

    effectiveness and reach of Senator Young’s constituent services team to Hoosiers

Contributor                                                                                                August 2018 – Current

Young Voices

  • Write op-eds about entitlements, tax policy, and international affairs

  • Edit and publish op-eds with the support of the editing and media team

  • Attend writing and speaking training sessions to appear in television and radio

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Economic Policy Intern  Summer 2018

Economic Policies for the 21st Century at the Manhattan Institute, Washington, D.C.        

At the Thomas Jefferson Monument, Summer 2018

At the Thomas Jefferson Monument, Summer 2018

  • Wrote articles more than 15 articles arguing for free market policies to solve current problems

  • Reported economic data for Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao on a weekly basis

  • Researched entitlement legislation introduced in the 115th Congress

  • Participated in the Charles Koch Internship program to develop professionally and connect with 90 other interns in conservative and libertarian think tanks in the DC area.

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IUPUI Office of International Affairs, Indianapolis, IN                          October 2016 - Current

Front Desk Assistant  

  • Advice international students and scholars about immigration issues and the university

  • Schedule appointments and channel complex immigration inquiries to the advising staff

  • Collaborate with coworkers to help students that need authorization to travel or work


Founder, President                                                                                                          February 2017 - Current Model United Nations at IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN                                                      

IUPUI MUN delegation to the Harvard National Model United Nations, February 2018

IUPUI MUN delegation to the Harvard National Model United Nations, February 2018

  • Train more than 30 students in international affairs, negotiation, and debate on a weekly basis

  • Delegate authority to carry out plans, projects, and train other leaders

  • Led the organization from founding to rank as one of the top 75 teams in North America

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Debater                                                                                                                         January 2017 - Present

IUPUI Debate Team, Indianapolis, IN                                                                          

  • Research arguments in favor of and against the semester topic set by the National Educational Debate Association

  • Develop arguments and rebuttal plans with teammates for both the affirmative and negative sides of the resolution

  • Won 4th overall debater in the open traditional category competing against 20 other debaters from universities across the country in the 2017 nationals

IUPUI Debate team with competition trophies, Fall 2017

IUPUI Debate team with competition trophies, Fall 2017

Policy Developer Fall 2017

Federal Reserve Challenge Team, Chicago, IL

Federal Reserve Challenge Team, November 2017

Federal Reserve Challenge Team, November 2017

  • Designed a monetary policy recommendation for the December 2017 Federal Open Market Committee with a group of five students

  • Sought advice from faculty on policy proposal options

  • Presented proposal together with four other students to economists at the Chicago Federal Reserve

  • Competed with other universities in the seventh Federal Reserve district